Deduce the purpose of a system by observing its behavior

Purpose is deduced from behavior and actions, not from rhetoric and stated goals. We won't be fooled by what a system is meant to do if we look at what its behaviors are.

Start by looking at the balancing loops, since a balancing feedback loop has a goal and it tries to move the current state closer to it.

Look at the stocks. They tell you what the system is accumulating. They are the memory, or current result, of the changing flows of a system.

This is a powerful tool for reflection. What are my daily habits? What are their long-term consequences? Do they reflect who I think I am? Do they reflect who I want to be?

Change or remove any behaviors that don't synergize with who you want to be. Add behaviors that reflect who you want to be and what your life goals are. Every action is a vote for who you want to be.