Conscientiousness is a balancing feedback loop while openness to experience is a reinforcing feedback loop

If we seek to have both, we should balance between openness to new ideas and skepticism.

One is creating order, the other is creating chaos. Together they create progress and meaning. Balancing feedback loops maintain order while reinforcing feedback loops create chaos.

You should remain skeptic and filter ideas that don't pass your filters while also remaining open-minded to new ones so you can explore unknown paths.

A purely conscientious life is the equivalent of a system optimized for stability. Chaos and unpredictability are part of life, so stability breaks easily. Seek to be resilient to changes and not stable over time. If you want to go the extra mile, become antifragile with your beliefs.

If you are open to every idea, there will be an infinite number of paths to explore. Information overload prevents any progress.

A purely open-to-experience life is similar to having a high-level of mutation in a population. There is a threshold for how much mutation a population can tolerate before no evolution is seen. Randomness in traits can be so high that selection is purely by chance rather than fitness.

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